The “Why”

Boudoir Photography by Bob Hubbard, Buffalo NYPeople often wonder why other people do the things they do. My “Why” is simple. I photograph nature because I love nature, I photograph battlefields because I love history, and I photograph women because I love beauty.

I am an artist. When I photograph something, I try to capture more than just what it “looked like”. I try to capture what it truly -is-. The same is true when I photograph people. I want to show the light that shines from them.

For years women have been told to hide that part of themselves. To hide their bodies. To hide their passion. That once you become a mom your time being attractive, desirable, and feeling sexy is over. That they should feel ashamed to go out dressed up, or dare to show skin. That sex is ‘dirty’ and embracing their sexuality was wrong. That they are sex objects. That if they dare express their sexuality they are somehow “asking” to be hit on or assaulted. That they are somehow wrong, or bad, or both.

These are archaic ideas that do more harm than good. Archaic ideas that I disagree with.

When I talk with women about their being photographed, too often I hear things like “I’m not pretty enough”, “I’m too fat”, “I’ve got stretch-marks/cellulite/veins/etc” or “Who wants to see me naked?”. Negative comments, showing a person’s fears, often caused by others unthinking comments. They feel unworthy to do a boudoir, or glamour or pin up session. They are wrong.

Glamour & Pin Up Photography by Bob Hubbard, Buffalo NYMy “why” is simple. I photograph women because I love beauty…and I want every woman to see her own beauty, and love herself. In my office I have a pin up calendar I did several years ago. The model on it is my wife. It’s an image of who I see when I look at her. Someone strong, beautiful, in control of her sexuality, and owning it.

We’re here for a short time. Too short a time for regrets.

Our sexuality is a part of who we are, and society tries to shame women for embracing theirs. I want to help women take control of their sexuality and tell the shamers to get stuffed.

My goal when I photograph you is simple. I want you to have fun. I want you to feel great. Great about your session yes, but great about yourself. I want you to see yourself as the beautiful, powerful woman you are. I want you to “Take back sexy” as some say, to own it, to rock it, and be it. To know that it’s okay to enjoy sex, or being sexy. Okay to dress up, feel good about yourself, and that you are not asking “for it”. To accept and love yourself for who you are. I want to empower you to be you.

It’s a lot more than a photo shoot in your underwear. It’s a confidence builder, an exploration of who you are, and finding your true self, and bringing it out.

What we offer is a comfortable, accepting, non-judgmental environment where you can find, explore, and own your true self.

Accept and Love Yourself.

– Bob