Hubbard Photography Boudoir and Pinup Privacy Policy

We value your privacy.  The only way we use your photos is if you sign a model release, which is always 100% optional.

We want you to enjoy your experience, so your privacy is important to us.

We will NEVER use an image from your session without your consent.  All of the images that you see on this website are used with the subjects permission.  After you have had a chance to see your finished photos, you may choose to allow us to show them to others. You may choose not to. This is 100% your choice! You always have the right to keep all images private.

If you choose to allow us to use your images, you control to what extent. For example, you may decide to allow your images to be used as studio samples and in promotional materials (i.e. brochure or business card), but not on our website or blog. We are grateful to everyone who does allow us to share their images.


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