What About Bob?

Bob Hubbard, Buffalo NY PhotographerThis is the spot where you’d usually find all the boring stuff about my life leading up to becoming a Boudoir Photographer. When I got my first camera, how I fell in love with it, and then ran off to Las Vegas to marry it. Well, I’m not going to write that, especially since we never got married.

Instead I married my best friend. We “not dated” for a while until one day she told me “Ok, I guess I’ll go out with you.”. An ex of mine back in 2002 gave us 6 months. Susan and I were married May 2009 and we have been going strong ever since. She’s my muse, my inspiration, my light, my love, and no she didn’t tell me to write that. (Did I get it right dear?)

So, a couple of things off the bat. Like to get the obvious out of the way, the elephant floating in the punchbowl singing bad karaoke. Yes, I’m a guy. Yes, the majority of boudoir photographers in WNY are female. Yes, my beard really is blue. So lets touch on these first.

Why Bob? Why should you hire me as your boudoir photographer when there are a number of talented female boudoir photographers in WNY? Because guys see women differently. What we find sexy tends to be a little different. So if your intent is a gift for a male S/O I see from a male perspective. I’ve been told that women often worry about being judged by other women. I’m not judging. My goal is to take that worry away so you are free to let yourself shine. The other reasons are simple. You like my work, you like my style, you’d like to work with me because you feel comfortable with me.

Now, the Blue Beard….my beard really is blue. My wife has (at the time I’m writing this, could be different when you read it) Suicide Squad Harley Quinn hair. On a whim I said, let’s toss some blue hair dye on the grey in my beard and see what it does. I kinda liked it, so decided what the heck, lets run with it.

So why am I a boudoir photographer? I go into more detail in “The Why”, but in short, I’ve had too many female friends over the years who sadly couldn’t see themselves as “attractive” or “strong” or “worthy”. I want to help women see themselves as the strong, beautiful people they are. I want them to be photographed, see who they are and fall in love with themselves. Not in a narcissistic looking in the mirror and talking to it kinda way though. That’s kinda weird. But in a good way.

Boudoir and glamour doesn’t just empower you, it also empowers me. I am an artist, and this allows me to share my art and show women how truly beautiful they are. I get to share in the joy when they see their strength, worth and beauty. It’s humbling.

I have a love of both Science Fiction and Anime, and my office is loaded with collectable figures from both. I love shooting people in cool costumes. Ok, here’s where I really got interested in photography. I went to some science fiction conventions and took photos of the people who were dressed up. A client saw my photos, asked me to photograph some of his events, and it just took off from there.

Glamour & Pin Up Photography by Bob Hubbard, Buffalo NY

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like to have fun, have a weird sense of humor, and can be a bit of a geek/nerd. It’s ok, I (probably) won’t have tape on my glasses.


The “Boring Stuff”

  • Professional Photographer since 2005
  • Member Professional Photographers of America (PPA) since 2014
  • Multiple 1st place ribbons in competition.
  • Canon equipment, Apple computers, Android phone.


Susan grew up in Merced California, and spent some time in Texas before moving back to her birth place of Buffalo NY. She is an accomplished portrait photographer specializing on capturing candid and personal memories. Her unique style of bridal portraits and pet portraits have won several awards. (More info coming)

Bob & Susan Hubbard are the owners of Hubbard Photography in Buffalo, New York. Specializing in portrait photography, Bob & Susan seek to capture emotional portraits with a timeless style that you will love for years. They live in a century old house with 3 cats who think they own the place, a hyper dog named Scooby and a bored Bearded Dragon named River. We’re not sure if it’s River Song or River Tam. Either way, she thinks the cats are all wet.  Both Bob & Susan are members of the Professional Photographers of America while the cats are lifetime members of the Breakfast Club…and second breakfast club….and elevensies….

Member, Professional Photographers of America